Monday, 22 June 2009


Hey everyone ,
i ( Lavinada ) and 44nicole44 let people make-over , the from gotic to sweet cute girl , or from little sweet cute girl to gotic , and more ..,
the first doll that we make-overed is : GoticLady
, you see before and after ,

GoticLady have whrite a tekst for our :
hello everyone , i'am GoticLady .
i was first a gotic and now a sweet girl , i never gonna chane that , lavinada & 44nicole44 have help me ! in RL was i really to a gotic and now i'am normal and cute , thanks lavinada & 44nicole44 for make-over my , you have help my for my hole life ! i'am normal :)
YEAH ! xxxxxxxxxx

GoticLady . ( now is it CuteLady whahaha )

do you wanna make over , send lavinada or 44nicole44 a mail on stardoll , X Lavinada

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