Saturday, 29 August 2009

Free Dartboard

how to get :
1. Go to
2. Write
3. Log in to your account
4. Few seconds and log out or close the window
5. Go to stardoll whitout proxy and log in to your account and go to your suite

and you have a giftbox in your suite open it and you have it !

whrite a comment as it didnt works , then i i will help you !!

xoxo Lavinada

Friday, 17 July 2009

Evil panda special edition guitars !

hey everyone , on stardoll are there SPECIAL EDITION GUITARS !
they are amazing ! you can find the guitars in shop : Evil Panda !

Hearts: 25 $
Normal: 50 $

xx Lavinada

New makeup in dot

hey everyone , there i white makeup on stardoll , you can find it in DOT

White : Eyeshadow,Eyeliner,Mascara,Eyepencil small , EyePncil big , Mascara .

i love it !

xx Lavinada

6 new hair styles

Hey everyone
Lavinada here !
there are 6 new hare styles on stardoll . you can see the 6 hairstyles on the picture :-)

Picture 1 : Page 2 from the 17 Pages
Picture 2 : Page 3 from the 17 Pages
Picture 3 : Page 4 from the 17 Pages
Picture 4 : Page 8 from the 17 Pages
Picture 5 : Page 9 from the 17 Pages
Picture 6 : Page 9 from the 17 Pages

Monday, 13 July 2009

look-a-like competition

Hey everyone,

You can vote for the best look a like and dress/make - up you as a celeb !
it's very cool , everyday is there 1 winner ;-)
i'am in the contest , my look a like is Paris Hilton 3 !

where can you find the contest ( the page that you see on the picture ) :
on stardoll home page ( as you allready log in )
on page 3 !

xoxo Lavinada

miss sixty

It's time for a new real brand!Now all we are waiting for MISS-SIXTY!i love miss-sixty!Now two real brands will realised on stardoll,Elle and Miss-Sixty!We have to save money for the Miss-Sixty shop !

xoxo Lavinada

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New doll : Almost Famous

hey everyone there is a new doll on stardoll ! she's called: Almost Famous !
i love her clothes but not everything !
i have take a picture of her !

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Michael Jackson designs by sayha84

hey everyone , the is a doll on stardoll she's called: sayha84 , she maked michael jackson designs , you most take a look , i have take a pictue of ther designs it's amazing

x Lavinada

Monday, 6 July 2009

New doll : Heidi Montag

hey evryone ,
there is a new doll on stardoll ..
she's called: Heidi Montag !
i love her red chanel scarf !
its awsome ..
i give her clothes a 8 /10 !
and you ? whrite a comment

Question of this topic ..
In witch programme plays heidi montag ?
a. The hills
b. Presents TMF
c. Bold and the beautifull

white in a comment your answer xoxo lavinada

Sunday, 5 July 2009

SprouseBros & MaryKate-Ashley shops

hey evryone ,
in the cole sprouse shop is it sale !
in the marykate & ashley brand is it sale !
because the shops gonna closed on 5th of july !
enjoin the sale !

are you mad that the shops gonna closed ?
a. No
b. Yes
c.A Littlebit
d.the sprouse shop (L)
e. the marykateanashleybrand shop (L)

xx Lavinada

Question about this topic ...

what is the job from marykate olsen ?
a. Singing
b. Dancing
c. newsreporter
d. actress
e. noting

Friday, 3 July 2009

New doll : Trace Cyrus

Hey everyone,
There is a new doll on stardoll, he is called: Trace Cyrus!
It's a boy , whit many tatoos ,
i dont like him, but maybe you well !
xoxo Lavinada

Stardoll clothes & Real life clothes

stardoll & real life clothes !

xoxo lavinada

Miley Cyrus Real&Stardoll

Hey girlzz & boyzz
i have search a lot of pictures from liley cyrus, from her dress and her yellow shoes !

just take a look

xoxo lavinada

American stuff

hey everyone, on stardoll are there american clothes and hair colours !
i like it !
the reason that there are a lot of american clothes is : the happy 4th of July!

x Lavinada

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

New doll : Miley Cyrus 4

hey everyone ,
there is a new doll on stardoll !
she's called: Miley Cyrus 4 !
i love her clothes but now everything , i thin kthe best is the purple dress that i have put on her !
and what do you think ?

Question about Miley Cyrus :
How old is Miley Cyrus ?
A. 14 years old
B. 15 years old
C. 16 years old
D. 17 years old

x Lavinada

Elle spoilers , Summer

The new elle comming soon ! it gonna be a colourfull colection ! i love the pink top whit : ELLE on it and the purple dress !! ILOVEIT!

and you ?
whrite a comment ;)
x Lavinada

Monday, 29 June 2009


hey everyone , the new shop on stardoll is: Basics , it's a very cool shop you have every thing in all colours ! amazing ...

xx Lavinada

New doll : Pixies & Peaches

there is a doll on stardoll ,
it's called: Pixies & Peaches !
you can see the dolls on the left picture , the doll is only for superstars

x Lavinada

Friday, 26 June 2009

MeidenMagazine blogspot

wil je lid worden van mijn meidenmagazine blogspot :
please , be a member of my meidenmagazine blogspot :

x Lavinada

Leila-Lilo under the water

leila-lilo , is a creatif girl , here you see one of ther rooms .. the under the water room !
its 10000/10000 !
so beautifull .. i love her
and you ?
x Lavinada

Meidenmagazine Whrite in Lavinada's GB

Hey girlz , MeidenMagazine have whrite in my ( lavinada ) GuestBook she say the first message: Congrulations! you are 1 of the winners from the MM club competition , the 2th message: i have take a look at yout blogspot , really cool ! that have you do looking good ! , we form MM(marlous,Caro en Joany) are happy whit it !

xx Lavinada

( Are you already a member of my MeidenMagazine blogspot ? it's named :

New hotbuys dress

hey girlzzzzzzzz.....
there is a new hotbuy dress on stardoll
it's very cute i like it whit the roses :)
but it costs: 16 $ !
i give a 10/10
and you ??
do you like it ?? whrite a comment

x lavinada

Thursday, 25 June 2009

New play&earn game !!

Hello everyone !
there is a new play&earn game on stardoll ! , it's called: GLOBETROTTER
i dont like the game .. but maybe you well !

Try it . . . .

X Lavinada

My (Lavinada) new bikini designs

Hey ! i'am lavinada .. '
do you want a cool bikini ?
send me a mail on stardoll , and i'll make it for you ;-)
i sell it for 7 $ ..
you see my designs not on the doll , cuz stardoll is crazy , it dindnt work , so as it work i'll tell you ! than you can buy bikini's from my ..

XX Lavinada

do u like my designs ?
whrite a comment !

new: baby stuff !

Hey everyone , now you have baby stuff on stardoll !
the baby's are not very cheap !
it's so many money for a baby :O
But it's cute ;-)

LoveYouX Lavinada

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Graphic's , New red shoes and Jewellery x

Lately , I have been making graphic's and posting them on the blog x This grpahic above , Is about the new Red Shoes and The new Pice of Jewellery that has just came out x The model , Is on a beach with her shoes , and a Dress [ The Pice Of Jewllery] in the cool air , what do you think ? x

Monday, 22 June 2009

Hotbuys July !

Hey everyone !
The hotbuys from july are out !
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhyyy !
that's mean summer hotbuys !
i like it !

i think the best is ..... i dont know ! i like everything

i rate every thing from 9 to 10 !

x Lavinada ..

you can design swimwears on stardoll

Hi everyone ,
There is now a new feature where you can make your own swimming costumes ! When I went to star design today , I seen this well lots of clothes all together , so I put it on the sew machine and when it come out it wuz a swimwear !
i like it , look at the left picture there you see it !

X Lavinada

New doll on stardoll : Hotbuys

There is a new doll on stardoll , whit the name : hotbuys .. \
i like her clothes , so i give it a 10/10 ,
wat's ur mean ??
and read it :)

XX Lavinada


Hey everyone ,
i ( Lavinada ) and 44nicole44 let people make-over , the from gotic to sweet cute girl , or from little sweet cute girl to gotic , and more ..,
the first doll that we make-overed is : GoticLady
, you see before and after ,

GoticLady have whrite a tekst for our :
hello everyone , i'am GoticLady .
i was first a gotic and now a sweet girl , i never gonna chane that , lavinada & 44nicole44 have help me ! in RL was i really to a gotic and now i'am normal and cute , thanks lavinada & 44nicole44 for make-over my , you have help my for my hole life ! i'am normal :)
YEAH ! xxxxxxxxxx

GoticLady . ( now is it CuteLady whahaha )

do you wanna make over , send lavinada or 44nicole44 a mail on stardoll , X Lavinada

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Banners x

I have made banner's , hope you like them x

Milly.Becky have send me(Lavinada) a mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone , Milly.Becky have send me(Lavinada) a mail
She whrite :
hey , you are sooo cool ! iloveyou! xox Milly.Becky
i can't believe it !
on the left picture you cant see the mail!
i am soooooo happy that you send me a mail ! and that i'm so cool ! i love milly.becky !

KissKiss Lavinada

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Magazine for 44nicole44

New doll : Pamela Anderson

New doll on stardoll : Pamela Anderson !

i like her clothes , the clother are sooo hot ! i give a 10/10 ! ( for clothes )
And you ?
Whrite a comment

X Lavinada