Monday, 29 June 2009


hey everyone , the new shop on stardoll is: Basics , it's a very cool shop you have every thing in all colours ! amazing ...

xx Lavinada

New doll : Pixies & Peaches

there is a doll on stardoll ,
it's called: Pixies & Peaches !
you can see the dolls on the left picture , the doll is only for superstars

x Lavinada

Friday, 26 June 2009

MeidenMagazine blogspot

wil je lid worden van mijn meidenmagazine blogspot :
please , be a member of my meidenmagazine blogspot :

x Lavinada

Leila-Lilo under the water

leila-lilo , is a creatif girl , here you see one of ther rooms .. the under the water room !
its 10000/10000 !
so beautifull .. i love her
and you ?
x Lavinada

Meidenmagazine Whrite in Lavinada's GB

Hey girlz , MeidenMagazine have whrite in my ( lavinada ) GuestBook she say the first message: Congrulations! you are 1 of the winners from the MM club competition , the 2th message: i have take a look at yout blogspot , really cool ! that have you do looking good ! , we form MM(marlous,Caro en Joany) are happy whit it !

xx Lavinada

( Are you already a member of my MeidenMagazine blogspot ? it's named :

New hotbuys dress

hey girlzzzzzzzz.....
there is a new hotbuy dress on stardoll
it's very cute i like it whit the roses :)
but it costs: 16 $ !
i give a 10/10
and you ??
do you like it ?? whrite a comment

x lavinada

Thursday, 25 June 2009

New play&earn game !!

Hello everyone !
there is a new play&earn game on stardoll ! , it's called: GLOBETROTTER
i dont like the game .. but maybe you well !

Try it . . . .

X Lavinada

My (Lavinada) new bikini designs

Hey ! i'am lavinada .. '
do you want a cool bikini ?
send me a mail on stardoll , and i'll make it for you ;-)
i sell it for 7 $ ..
you see my designs not on the doll , cuz stardoll is crazy , it dindnt work , so as it work i'll tell you ! than you can buy bikini's from my ..

XX Lavinada

do u like my designs ?
whrite a comment !

new: baby stuff !

Hey everyone , now you have baby stuff on stardoll !
the baby's are not very cheap !
it's so many money for a baby :O
But it's cute ;-)

LoveYouX Lavinada

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Graphic's , New red shoes and Jewellery x

Lately , I have been making graphic's and posting them on the blog x This grpahic above , Is about the new Red Shoes and The new Pice of Jewellery that has just came out x The model , Is on a beach with her shoes , and a Dress [ The Pice Of Jewllery] in the cool air , what do you think ? x

Monday, 22 June 2009

Hotbuys July !

Hey everyone !
The hotbuys from july are out !
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhyyy !
that's mean summer hotbuys !
i like it !

i think the best is ..... i dont know ! i like everything

i rate every thing from 9 to 10 !

x Lavinada ..

you can design swimwears on stardoll

Hi everyone ,
There is now a new feature where you can make your own swimming costumes ! When I went to star design today , I seen this well lots of clothes all together , so I put it on the sew machine and when it come out it wuz a swimwear !
i like it , look at the left picture there you see it !

X Lavinada

New doll on stardoll : Hotbuys

There is a new doll on stardoll , whit the name : hotbuys .. \
i like her clothes , so i give it a 10/10 ,
wat's ur mean ??
and read it :)

XX Lavinada


Hey everyone ,
i ( Lavinada ) and 44nicole44 let people make-over , the from gotic to sweet cute girl , or from little sweet cute girl to gotic , and more ..,
the first doll that we make-overed is : GoticLady
, you see before and after ,

GoticLady have whrite a tekst for our :
hello everyone , i'am GoticLady .
i was first a gotic and now a sweet girl , i never gonna chane that , lavinada & 44nicole44 have help me ! in RL was i really to a gotic and now i'am normal and cute , thanks lavinada & 44nicole44 for make-over my , you have help my for my hole life ! i'am normal :)
YEAH ! xxxxxxxxxx

GoticLady . ( now is it CuteLady whahaha )

do you wanna make over , send lavinada or 44nicole44 a mail on stardoll , X Lavinada

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Banners x

I have made banner's , hope you like them x

Milly.Becky have send me(Lavinada) a mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone , Milly.Becky have send me(Lavinada) a mail
She whrite :
hey , you are sooo cool ! iloveyou! xox Milly.Becky
i can't believe it !
on the left picture you cant see the mail!
i am soooooo happy that you send me a mail ! and that i'm so cool ! i love milly.becky !

KissKiss Lavinada

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Magazine for 44nicole44

New doll : Pamela Anderson

New doll on stardoll : Pamela Anderson !

i like her clothes , the clother are sooo hot ! i give a 10/10 ! ( for clothes )
And you ?
Whrite a comment

X Lavinada

Michael Kors on stardoll !

Hey everyone !
Michael Kors is on stardoll !
These are very fashionable and look great on our medolls ! The collars Purple,Blue,Yellow and the multi collar one's :: I think they look cute and cool but i dont like she so much .. i give it a 7.5/10
And you ?
Whrite comment

XX Lavinada ..

Free sunglass and dress

hellowaa !
look at the picture on the left
you see a dress and sunglass
Sunglass : 0 $
Dress : 0 $
You can get it in the shop !
by new stuff ;-)

X Lavinada

i like it ! And youu ?

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New Gucci bag comming to stardoll !!!!

There is this new Gucci Bag coming to stardoll! I cant wait
i gife a 10/10 !! I love the detail on it which makes it so Real ! , i cant wait .....
But it's a limited edition from Gucci i think ...
What's you mean of the bag from Gucci ?
Whrite a comment ;-)

XX Lavinada

LE for LE Buyers

There is now a Limited Adition LE Dress On Sale!
Its very pritty , But there are 3 sad things about it that I must Share,
1.-Its Ran Out
2.-Its 250 stardollars
3.-There are only 500 of them
There is another good thing!
You can sell it!
Will anyone sell
Cause i payed 250 $ and i click on buy this dress and it's out of stock :'( ,,, ..

XX Lavinada

Coral Collection

Coral , New in the shop !
the dress on the 2th doll is a hotbuy it costs 10 $ !!
i give it a 7.5/10 !
i dont like it so much !
And you ? whrite a comment

XX Lavinada

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Whitch banner is the best ?

Whitch banner is the best ? , A, b, c or d ? Whrite a comment !






XX Lavinada

New tingeling stuff !

There is new tingeling stuff in the shop ! 
Mermaind eye make-up 3$
Deep ocean dress 10$ 
exclusive beach dress 10$ 

XX Lavinada 

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New Hotbuy Bag !

New Hotbuy bag ! 
Look at the picture on the left , there you see the hotbuys bag , he costs 6$
and it is for superstar
My point : 8.0
What is your mean ?
Whrite a comment

XX Lavinada