Friday, 29 May 2009

Vievienne Tam Closed for renovation

Hey Everyone ! 
Vievienne Tam is closed for renovation ! 
Before it closed it was sale ! So now it's 
closed for renovation !! 
I hope that it be a beautifull collection and a littlebit cheap ! That's the best .. 
So we wait for the new collection from vievienne tam ! 
XX Lavinada

Monday, 25 May 2009

New Game on Play+Earn

FINALLY we have another game! This whole birthday was sort of let down, and I was getting really bored of the two other games. "Celeb quiz" was a needed change. I think it's the easiest of three games
XX Lavinada

Vivienne Tam Shop in sale !!

The vivienne Tam Shop is in sale !! 
Some dresses are $ 3 !! and some dresses are $ 4 or $ 5 !! 
It's SOOOOOOO cheap ! 
So chek it out !

XX Lavinada

New Bags !!

The new bags on stardoll ! 

There are new bags on stardoll
i like the 2th ! whats you maen ?
whrite a comment :-) 

It are very cool bags ! i like it ! 
xx lavinada

Saturday, 23 May 2009

New Philosophy collection !

 Philosophy is open ! and the new collection is ther !
 It's not cheap but it's a cool collection ! 
 i like it very much ! whats your mean ? 
 Whrite a comment :-) 

 XX Lavinada

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Red Carpet

As you go to the stardoll shpo then you see dresses from RedCarpter (style) , you can see the  dresses on the left picture , But there is not a shop from Red Carpet style ... 
The Dresses are from the eurovision songfestival  !

i like the dresses really much ! it's cool and you look as a star 
i ought all of the red carpet dresses !
whats your mean ?? 

XX Lavinada

Lady GaGa Style is back on stardoll ??

The LadyGaGa style is back on stardoll ? 
We think so ! 
As you can see there are more Lady gaga clothes!
I like the pink bra ! 
The skirt and the bag is cute and nice too , but the bra is sexy ;-)
but what do you think?

XX Lavinada

Pick of the Day 16th of May 2009

Pick of the day from 16th of may 2009  !
It's from the shop : DIY boutique . 
It's a purple top and you can create it whit 
half clothes or buttons ( flowers , stuts etc. ) 
And it's a very cool top ! , What's your mean ?
Whrite a comment for it :-) 

XX Lavinada 

Friday, 15 May 2009

The new shop ;; DIY shop !!!

There is on the starplaza a new shop ! , whit the name : DIY boutique 
It's a shop there you can create clothes ! 
It´s a cool collection ' thats my mean '
There are so many more DIY clothes , but i have add 2 pictures of the shop ! 
The theme is : Restyle ! look at the  1th pcture ! ,, From RESTYLE ! '' 

44nicole44 whit her designed clothes from DIY on stardoll 

The price in total is 16 $ 
Diy is not so many costs ! 

XXX Lavinada 

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Pick of the day from 13th of May 2009

Pick of the day from 13th of May 2009 izz..
Fringe Shrug from Pretty in Pink ! 
It's 6 stardollars and for superstars ! 
It's a very cool jack .. i mean :
i like it ! .. Beacause i love pink :-)

XX Lavinada 

Monday, 11 May 2009

Pick of the day 11th of May

Pick of the day from the 11th of May 2009 
You can see him on the left picture , it's 
a very cool dress ! , 
And it's RED ! , very creative dress !

XX Lavinada

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Banner inspired by Lavinada

I (Lavinada) have made this banner so i can add it to the texts that i make , and than you can see that i have whrite the text :) 

XX Lavinada  

i'am late whit it but this is the GiftCard topic

On the picture here above
are it so small letter , so 
her are the Bigger letters : 
Stardoll Gift Cards ! 
You can buy Stardoll Gift Cards , for people
on stardoll ! , It's a very cool
idea from stardoll ! 
XX Lavinada and 44nicole44

Our Banners x

Its me 44nicole44 who is wrighting x
If you don't belive me ask me yourself x
I have made a banner for Lavinda, hope she likes it!

Pick of the day 9th may 2009

Pick of the day from 9th of may 2009
Whats ur mean of it ? , Whrite a comment ...
XX Lavinada and 44nicole44  

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Our Posts

This is a blog where me and Lavinda right,
Hope you like out posts!

Friday, 8 May 2009


Hotbuys on stardoll can you get to in the real life , look at the hotbuys from may 2009 : 

XX Lavinada and 44nicole44

New Collection : Dolly Doll

The New Stardoll collection : 
The theme izzz very kitchy ! ( Dolly Doll ) 
But it's a very cool collection ..
Whats you mean ??
Whrite a comment :-)

KissKiss Lavinada and 44nicole44