Friday, 17 July 2009

Evil panda special edition guitars !

hey everyone , on stardoll are there SPECIAL EDITION GUITARS !
they are amazing ! you can find the guitars in shop : Evil Panda !

Hearts: 25 $
Normal: 50 $

xx Lavinada

New makeup in dot

hey everyone , there i white makeup on stardoll , you can find it in DOT

White : Eyeshadow,Eyeliner,Mascara,Eyepencil small , EyePncil big , Mascara .

i love it !

xx Lavinada

6 new hair styles

Hey everyone
Lavinada here !
there are 6 new hare styles on stardoll . you can see the 6 hairstyles on the picture :-)

Picture 1 : Page 2 from the 17 Pages
Picture 2 : Page 3 from the 17 Pages
Picture 3 : Page 4 from the 17 Pages
Picture 4 : Page 8 from the 17 Pages
Picture 5 : Page 9 from the 17 Pages
Picture 6 : Page 9 from the 17 Pages

Monday, 13 July 2009

look-a-like competition

Hey everyone,

You can vote for the best look a like and dress/make - up you as a celeb !
it's very cool , everyday is there 1 winner ;-)
i'am in the contest , my look a like is Paris Hilton 3 !

where can you find the contest ( the page that you see on the picture ) :
on stardoll home page ( as you allready log in )
on page 3 !

xoxo Lavinada

miss sixty

It's time for a new real brand!Now all we are waiting for MISS-SIXTY!i love miss-sixty!Now two real brands will realised on stardoll,Elle and Miss-Sixty!We have to save money for the Miss-Sixty shop !

xoxo Lavinada

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New doll : Almost Famous

hey everyone there is a new doll on stardoll ! she's called: Almost Famous !
i love her clothes but not everything !
i have take a picture of her !

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Michael Jackson designs by sayha84

hey everyone , the is a doll on stardoll she's called: sayha84 , she maked michael jackson designs , you most take a look , i have take a pictue of ther designs it's amazing

x Lavinada

Monday, 6 July 2009

New doll : Heidi Montag

hey evryone ,
there is a new doll on stardoll ..
she's called: Heidi Montag !
i love her red chanel scarf !
its awsome ..
i give her clothes a 8 /10 !
and you ? whrite a comment

Question of this topic ..
In witch programme plays heidi montag ?
a. The hills
b. Presents TMF
c. Bold and the beautifull

white in a comment your answer xoxo lavinada

Sunday, 5 July 2009

SprouseBros & MaryKate-Ashley shops

hey evryone ,
in the cole sprouse shop is it sale !
in the marykate & ashley brand is it sale !
because the shops gonna closed on 5th of july !
enjoin the sale !

are you mad that the shops gonna closed ?
a. No
b. Yes
c.A Littlebit
d.the sprouse shop (L)
e. the marykateanashleybrand shop (L)

xx Lavinada

Question about this topic ...

what is the job from marykate olsen ?
a. Singing
b. Dancing
c. newsreporter
d. actress
e. noting

Friday, 3 July 2009

New doll : Trace Cyrus

Hey everyone,
There is a new doll on stardoll, he is called: Trace Cyrus!
It's a boy , whit many tatoos ,
i dont like him, but maybe you well !
xoxo Lavinada

Stardoll clothes & Real life clothes

stardoll & real life clothes !

xoxo lavinada

Miley Cyrus Real&Stardoll

Hey girlzz & boyzz
i have search a lot of pictures from liley cyrus, from her dress and her yellow shoes !

just take a look

xoxo lavinada

American stuff

hey everyone, on stardoll are there american clothes and hair colours !
i like it !
the reason that there are a lot of american clothes is : the happy 4th of July!

x Lavinada

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

New doll : Miley Cyrus 4

hey everyone ,
there is a new doll on stardoll !
she's called: Miley Cyrus 4 !
i love her clothes but now everything , i thin kthe best is the purple dress that i have put on her !
and what do you think ?

Question about Miley Cyrus :
How old is Miley Cyrus ?
A. 14 years old
B. 15 years old
C. 16 years old
D. 17 years old

x Lavinada

Elle spoilers , Summer

The new elle comming soon ! it gonna be a colourfull colection ! i love the pink top whit : ELLE on it and the purple dress !! ILOVEIT!

and you ?
whrite a comment ;)
x Lavinada